Nothing New out 26th of July

Nothing New, ready for release 26th of July 2019!

This is not hipster friendly music, or wait a second; -isn’t rock music back to being hip again nowadays?
Anyway, it’s Blood on Wheels 5th single – Nothing New.
This is the first mouthful from the fourth Blood On Wheels album due for a 2020 release by Crispin Glover Records. Like the previous album they’re trying to tame and capture the headblasting amps, the buttkicking drums and the power of Mr. Reppen’s voice, the way it sounds in their own sub level cave facility. But it seems like they’re still struggling with the reality of everyday life. However it’s dark ripping yarn, and nothing’s new.
Technical information:
Music by Rosenvinge/Blood On Wheels
Lyrics by Reppen.
Recorded/mixed by Rosenvinge at Bongris Studio
Mastered by Mister Master Stendahl
Artwork by Per Spjøtvold
Released by: Crispin Glover Records

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