Frank Reppen – Vocal  (Moving Oos++)
Tom Modell Alte – Drums  (Moving Oos, Nullskattesnylterne++)
Lars E. Reitan – Guitar  (Nullskattesnylterne++)
Anders Rosenvinge – Guitar (All Trouble, Schtöggminator++)
John Grøtting – Bass (Feetpunk, Scornful+++)  2017 –
Trond Frønes –  Bass   2009 – 2017   (Cadillac, Grand General, Sunswitch++)


Loud guitars, groovy bass, big bottom drums and a snarling voice are keywords to describe Blood on Wheels.

Since the band came together in 2009 the’ve gigged clubs, bars and festivals throughout Norway and is being referred to as «a hell of a live act».

Blood on Wheels released the «Chemical High» 7″ (Crispin Glover Records), followed by the self titled «Blood on Wheels» LP (MBN/Universal) in 2012. «Blood on Wheels II – It’s All A Lie» LP was released by Crispin Glover Records february/march 2016.

The first single from this album «Eager To Please» was released digitally october 16, 2015 and as a 7″ vinyl, february 4th, by Crispin Glover Records.

Second single «Lie To You» was released february 4th 2016.



Tom M. Alte / tlf: +47 916 25 813

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